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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"My Story" - Janet Ann Collins

A note from Anne: Our story this morning comes to us from children's book author Janet Ann Collins, who is also a speaker, a teacher, and a foster parent to deaf boys. Her story is truly the story of so many children who grow up going to church but not having their own personal relationship with God. Thank you so very much for sharing, Jan!

Janet: "As a kid I had severe, chronic asthma and was teased and bullied a lot in school, but at least I was proud of being smart. Like most children in my generation, I went to church and Sunday School and certainly thought I was a Christian. I sang in the children’s choir every week and was confirmed when I reached my teens.

"But when I started High School my asthma became so bad I was flunking some of my classes and felt worthless. My mother suggested I read a novel by Lloyd C. Douglas called The Robe, because she thought it might cheer me up.

"Reading that book made God’s love real to me for the first time. As a result I actually became a Christian, and within a week my asthma was gone."

Some of the books Jan has written:
Slime and All, a story about a giant worm who has difficulty making friends because he's different
Signs of Trouble, about a group of kids with learning disabilities who get lost
The Peril of the Sinister Scientist, about a boy who might have been cloned from DNA on the Shroud of Turin
Secret Service Saint, about someone who discovers the joy of giving secretly
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