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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Contests, Contests, Contests!

The 2012 Write to Inspire Conference in Elk Grove, CA, takes place on July 20 and 21. Have you marked your calendars? Have you registered? Have you entered the contests? It’s time!

Inspire Christian Writers sponsors this dynamic two-day conference. This year we have that popular literary agent Chip MacGregor and Thunder Dog author Susy Flory as our presenters. Wow. I don’t know if you are impressed, but I am.

In conjunction with this marvelous conference, there are two contests:

Writing Contest—Two First Place winners (one fiction, one nonfiction) will receive an in-depth critique from Chip MacGregor. Four runners-up will receive gift cards and a signed book!

One Sheet Pitching Contest—Twelve winners will pitch their projects to Chip at the conference for possible representation.

All contests are now open! The writing contest closes June 15, and the pitching contest closes
july 1.

Don’t forget to check over the judge’s form—you will know from this what the judges will be looking for.

Don’t miss the rules—before you submit, check off each item to make sure it’s done before you hit that “send” button.

You may enter as many manuscripts as you like, so long as you pay the fee for each submission. You may submit a manuscript for either fiction or nonfiction (or both) AND for the one sheet.

Excited yet? I am. As contest coordinator, I can’t enter the contests, but I’m so jazzed by the entries! Each one is a possibility, a chance to introduce the Lord to readers, and an opportunity to show God how much you love Him.

The prospect of winning a contest is so much more than just the hope of getting a prize, isn’t it? Get ready, get set, GO!
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