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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thomas Nelson Review: IT'S YOU. by Nicole Johnson and Mary E. DeMuth

Product Image for It's You: Is It Possible to Build Real and Lasting Friendships? by Nicole Johnson
This Bible study and DVD is one of a series of three for teens. The other two are called "It's Us" and "It's Me."

The participant guide and DVD deal with friendships among teens, but I found it somewhat relevant to adults, too. Have you ever been involved in a vicious and hurtful gossip session? Have you lost a good friend through lies or actions? What might start out innocent can get magnified exponentially! What did you do? What would Jesus want you to do?

There are four sections in this study: Who Are You, Under the Influence, Katie and Sam, and About Tomorrow Night. It's further divided into your own study and group study. I'd like to hear back from teens who (1) have gone through this study or (2) who would like to.
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