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Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Thinking: What if?

What if this were a perfect world?

*Sigh* My perfect world would be one where nobody fought, everyone had an honest income, nobody went hungry, everyone reached out to help each other, no one was injured in traffic incidents or hiking accidents. No police, judges, or prisons would be needed. Animals and children would be safe from cruelty. Crops would never fail. Storms would never threaten. No one would beg for money or food at the WalMart parking lot. No one would shiver in the cold. Everyone would greet each other with hugs and smiles. No one would cheat on his/her spouse. Marriages would last forever.

If I were queen of the world... But I'm not and never will be.

Even if I were, the only way to make that world perfect would be to automate everything.

Including people.

I wonder if God ever thought about erasing his entire creation (including Noah) and starting over with puppets. People who had no choice but to be kind. People who wouldn't be able to steal another's belongings. People who could only walk where directed, talk as given the words by God, and think only good thoughts. People who could worship only Him and never self-serving phony gods. People who would not put money before family, glamor before goodness, listening before boasting.

What if.

Well, we know that won't happen. God didn't create puppets. He created people with free wills, even though that free will got them into trouble many times during their lives. Wisdom comes with age and experience--sometimes. With submission to those in legitimate authority (like parents, teachers, law authorities). To God.

Knowing that someone in authority cares about you and what is best for you makes it a little easier to submit, but it's seldom in our nature to give in to someone else's wisdom, is it? No, we still want to learn for ourselves what hurts and what doesn't. Still need to find out that something that feels good now sometimes hurts later.

What if..

What if there were Someone who knows everything about you (where you've been, good and bad) still sent His only Son to find you and rescue you from yourself. This is one "what if" that actually works.

Jesus is the only One who can really lift you out of selfishness, greed, willfulness. Trust Him. He cares. And--He's a lot smarter than you will ever be.

All you have to do is ask.

"Jesus, please come into my life. I need You."
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