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Friday, February 25, 2011

Maybe Wins! (And you might, too)

Good morning, Readers. You might have seen that my latest children's book, Maybe Wins!, was released. I now have copies to sell, too, and in honor of that momentous occasion (at least to me...), I'm giving away one of the books to one commenter. Leave a comment on this blog by next Friday, and your name will go into the hat for a free book.
Here are the first three pages:
Maybe was scared. No matter what his kitten friends Molly and Morris said, those two humans (Mom and Dad) were too big to be trusted. Even though Mom gave him his new name (and he really did like his new name, honest!), Maybe’s big brother Bart told him humans were mean.
Molly and Morris tried to coax him out of his hiding place behind the big red box.
“I’m afraid to come out--humans eat cats,” Maybe told Molly. “My big brother Bart told me so.”
“That’s silly, Maybe!” the gray tabby Molly said. “Your brother must have been teasing you.”
“No, he wasn’t,” insisted Maybe. “Bart’s one of the big cats, and he knows. Besides, Dad told Mom he felt starved this morning. What if they run out of other food and decide to eat us?”
The orange tabby Morris joined Maybe and Molly behind the big red box in the laundry room, licking the last of his breakfast from his whiskers.
“People don’t eat cats, Maybe. Molly and I have been here three days, and they haven’t eaten us.”
“Yeah--well, I’m staying here where I’m safe. Except at night when they sleep, and then I’ll eat and play. But if they see us getting fat, we’d better watch out! Perhaps we should only eat grass.”
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