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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whatsoever things are honest

Hmmm--I sorta lied on my last blog. I said the best thing that happened all day yesterday was the 1-hour-long sunrise after the plane took off. Well, not exactly a lie, maybe--just not really thinking of the end of the day as being part of the trip I was blogging about. The best part of yesterday was the hug from my hubby when I walked in the door. How could I have forgotten that?
Maybe just like sometimes I forget God because He's always there? I take it for granted He's there when I want to talk--but am I listening when He wants to talk? Sometimes I think He'd have to use the proverbial big greasy two-by-four to get my attention. I go off into my imaginary world with my imaginary friends (fiction writers do that, ya know), and two-by-fours might be called for.
At the conference, I found out I've been writing in the wrong genre--first century historical fiction isn't selling right now. Perhaps I wasn't listening while I was deciding what to write about. But then, maybe I was, too. I've loved the writing--and the history lessons. Delving into the characters of that time has been inspirational to me. I've read stuff I would never have otherwise researched and dug into events and apparel and customs--stuff I wouldn't otherwise have bothered with. My life has been enriched and I understand the Bible in ways I wouldn't have a couple of years ago.
Have the past two years spent writing these two novels been a waste of time? No. But had I listened, would God have led me in another direction? I don't know. But next time (sometime soon), I'll listen in advance. Next time, I'll not forget how precious His hugs are when I come home to my God. And I won't forget how precious my Hubby's hugs are either.
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