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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Book Review - LANGUAGE OF THE LAKE by Kathy Boyd Fellure

I'm so proud of my cousin Kathy! This is a great Christian romance set at beautiful Lake Tahoe (not far from Reno, NV), and it's one that I think guys would enjoy too.

Emily Taylor's boss tells her to take at least six months off. Her husband David has been killed in a car wreck--a wreck caused by his drunk driving in his mistress's sports car. One of their daughters, Sarah, knew about the cheating, and one, Olivia (Livie), doesn't--and Emily has forbidden Sarah to tell Livie. Emily left the two young women behind when she came to sulk at Nana's lakeside cabin.

Jack Conner is the man who has worshiped Emily since they were toddlers. When she married David Jack proceeded to drown his sorrows in wine, women, and song, to the point that now his patients consider him a good PA but a womanizer. Emily has no time for him, even though he's reforming himself.

Nana tries to reconcile them. So does Doc. They're having no luck. Maybe you should step in. You can buy the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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