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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Book Review - PRESCRIPTION FOR ROMANCE by June Foster

June Foster is a prolific Christian romance writer with a reputation in cheering for the underdog. I know I can count on her books to be decidedly Christian and uplifting for whoever reads them.

This one features a young man (Scott) with an unmistakable body odor problem. The most powerful antiperspirant he could buy didn't help at all. A knowledgeable doctor gives him a prescription for one that is better, and that's how he meets Stephanie. She's the pharmacist, and a sympathetic one at that.

Well, actually, he didn't meet her there--they'd met at the wedding of the girl Scott had eyes for (Ella) and the guy Stephanie liked (Zack). He wanted to disappear into the store floor--now she'd know. How he wished he could turn the prescription into one for blood pressure or diabetes or anything other than BO.

She sees his discomfort and wishes she could let him know it wasn't his fault, and she didn't think less of him. Actually, she thought he was pretty nice looking. Maybe she could go out with Scott and show Zack she had a good-looking guy and wasn't pining for Zack. Well, not very much. And Scott--well, he'd kinda like to show Ella he was moving on after their breakup.

So Scott and Stephanie begin dating for all the wrong reasons. Plus--Scott is a Christian (who can't forgive his brother), and Stephanie is not a Christian, hanging onto resentments of her way-too-busy father and socially over-active mother. Can anyone see a problem here?

Maybe what they need is for you to step into the story. You can get your copy from Amazon.

I received a free copy of this book from the author. There was no  stipulation for a positive review.
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