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Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Morning Devo - Failed Again

Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; When I fall, I will arise; When I sit in darkness, The Lord will be a light to me. Micah 7:8, NKJV.

I smile on the outside, but inside I know--I flunked the course again. Ever felt that way?

Oh, we are so very human.

Not that this is a good excuse.

Nope, it's just a fact. We all mess up on a regular basis. Just when we think we've got some particular bad habit licked, something triggers yet another dive into the depths.

But don't despair--God has this. Grab His hand and rise back up again.

Sometimes I think we're not God's representatives because we are so very good, but because on occasion we fail. Keeps us humble, you see.

Again--DO NOT use this for an excuse. Instead, keep hanging onto Him. He will lift us, fit us for His service, and lead us in the way everlasting. Even psychiatrists will agree that the one who keeps trying will eventually be victorious.

So go ahead--grab that Hand that reaches out to you. Get up one more time. Try again. With Him, we can do it.

Lord, we sure do need that lift from You. Help us, we pray. We can't do it without You. Thank You for caring enough to give us one more second chance. In Jesus's precious name, Amen.
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