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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


This is a spook-tacular young adult suspense novel that I think teen boys will really enjoy.

Nick is a foster kid. The present foster folks weren't too bad--they let him do a lot of stuff as long as he didn't get the cops excited. He's an orphan, he thinks maybe. He knows his mom is dead--she died giving birth to him--but his dad just disappeared. Nice guy.

But wait--we have to take a short trip to the distant past. Khemid is the second son of Pharaoh Ramses. He wants to be a pharaoh too, but the first-born son gets first dibs. When that guy Moses does away with his father and older brother, he thinks he's got it made. He really wants that staff Moses waved around. It could become a snake, kill off first-borns, and push a path through the Red Sea. If he only had that staff, he could rule the world. He'd give his soul to possess it....

Through the ages, the devil and his ugly-minded cohorts have sought that staff. Now, his unholiness has the reins of an earthly company whose sole purpose is to retrieve that staff, SETECH. His father , Jim, purportedly worked as an anthropologist for them, looking for artifacts all over the world.

Nick gets an envelope in the mail with a key in it. He takes it to his dad's best friend and Nick's mentor--probably the only person in the world who cares about him.

You might say all ach-ee-double-toothpicks broke loose about then. That key unlocks a box that SETECH wants. Wants bad enough to kidnap Nick to lure his father out of hiding. Wants bad enough to send bad guys after all of them with murder and mayhem on their minds. It's a hot mess.

Hurry to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and grab this one. Right now it's free for Amazon Prime, so don't hesitate, okay?

I received a gift copy of this book from the author. All opinions and recommendations are mine alone.
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