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Friday, July 28, 2017

Book Review - A NAME UNKNOWN by Roseanna M. White

Mystery. Secrets, All sorts of things hidden. Inspiration. Things I've come to expect from Roseanna White's books. She's a master at romantic suspense, and the lady knows the value of research. Yes, fiction, but if the writes of a historical event, you can bet your last farthing it's accurate. This is the first in a series called Shadows over England

This story takes place before the beginning of World War I. Feelings in Great Britain ran hard against all things German, and Peter Holstein had all things German stacked against him. His name, of course; his mother was German and his father the son of Germans; he owned property in Germany. All of which probably would have been discounted, but Peter hadn't frequented the small Cornwall town near his residence. With a pronounced stutter and stammer, he was too much embarrassed to talk with any but his dearest friend, Gryffyn Penrose.

Rosemary Gresham is a thief. Not just any thief, but quite possibly the best thief in London. Which has brought her to the attention of one Mr. V, who has given her the task of proving Mr. Holstein is a German sympathizer. It should be easy, she thought. But that was before she introduced herself to Mr. Holstein as a librarian and was in turn introduced to his library, more aptly called the Cave.

Books and papers are stacked floor to ceiling, fewer than half on shelves. She's expected to organize this mess? And in the process find papers or books to prove Mr. Holstein's complicity? This could be the most impossible task she's ever undertaken. But it must be done. The fee--one thousand pounds--will be more than needed by her extended family.

I didn't want this book to end. As usual, I fell in love with the characters, and I wanted to keep them going.

You can probably find this in any bookstore as well as online with Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hurry, or you might miss the ending!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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