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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book Review - THIRD STRAND OF THE CORD by Catherine Richmond

One of the last reviews I wrote had a comment on it that I'd failed to say what I thought about the book. Well, let me say this: Third Strand of the Cord is definitely one of the best-written Christian romances I've read.

What could be more compelling? A Down's Syndrome six-year-old boy, the determined mother trying to protect her son from prejudice, from stereotyping, and from his own father (her ex)--and from Trent's impulsive, aggressive, and mischievous behavior. On the strong recommendation from his occupational therapist, she enrolls him in a Karate class. Even though she doesn't understand how teaching a child to fight will help.

Lee Marivaux is the instructor, a Cajun with a knack with kids. Caroline isn't even sure her developmentally behind son understands anything she says, but for some reason, he understands the new instructor and, more miraculously, obeys him.

You have probably guessed that Caroline and Lee are the two afore-mentioned romance's proponents. The ex is the evil antagonist. Not to mention you will want to on occasion, shake both Caroline and Lee from their stubborn refusal to see what's right in front of them--so you might say that on occasion first one and then the other is also an antagonist.

This delightful, suspenseful, marvelous book is available from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I'm betting it's on a bunch of bookshelves.

I received a copy of Third Strand of the Cord from the author in return for an honest review.
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