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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Book Review - THE WALLS OF ARAD by Carole Towriss

I began reading this series (Journey to Canaan) when Carole Towriss began writing the first of the three books, and this is the third--as one of the critiquers. I fell in love with her Characters first. Carole is one who obviously loves the research that has to go into any book, particularly historical fictions--and maybe even more particularly Biblical fiction.  Biblical fiction MUST also agree with the Biblical account. Any good historical fiction MUST have its facts straight. Someone will catch the errors; count on it. And you will lose readers. She had to have really dug deep to find all the ins and outs of the time of the exodus. Kudos, Carole!

Zadok is a simple man with a love for the sheep he cares for and a deep desire to never get involved with another woman; Marrah had soured him for life.

Arisha is a young Canaanite woman who ran away from wicked masters. She hides near the Israelite encampment, gathering manna when no one is looking, but Miriam finds the young woman and brings her into her home. Arisha seldom ventures outside--many of the Israelites are cruel to her. They have only contempt for Canaanites.

Miriam nears the end of her life, and well she knows it. Someone must care for Arisha, and gentle, patient Zadok is just the man for the job. She just has to convince him. And then convince Arisha. And soon.

Meanwhile, not far away in the Canaanite city of Arad, King Keret worries about the Israelites. The forty-year hiatus is nearly over, and Keret wants to catch the Israelites and their God sleeping; otherwise, his city could be destroyed much the same as Egypt was. He wants to attack first.

This fast-paced and exciting book can be had from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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