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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Book Review - SPRING RAINE by Delia Latham

This is a Christian romance, and it's one I believe you all will enjoy.

Spring Raine--Raine to her friends. The moniker was splashed on her as maybe her parents' hippy days finale, because from the time she was born Raine was expected to be the perfect child on her way to a profitable perfect profession. In her first ever act of rebellion, she has decided to take a vacation between her last class of college and her perfect career.

Springtime at Paradise Pines is almost too good to be true. The proprietor of the lodge has an angelic personality, one that immediately sets Raine at ease. She has the entire upper floor, and the proprietor, Angela (aka Miss Angie) has the lower floor.

Raine loves the area so much that she immediately goes for a hike in the neighboring woods, laughing in joy at her few months of freedom in such a spectacular setting. She yells, "Thank You, Lord!" at the top of her lungs, earning her an immediate raking over the coals by a homeowner/wood carver who chastises her for trespassing on his property.

She goes back to the lodge and complains to Miss Angie about the unfriendly neighbor. Miss Angie concludes that the neighbor was probably just startled or interrupted at something, because he (Declan, aka Dec Keller) is the nicest of guys ever.

Meanwhile, Dec has been offered a ghost guard job for some rich guy's daughter. Just what he needs when he's trying to finish a bunch of carvings for a showing, but he could use the cash and takes the job. The teenager he thinks he's guarding turns out to be none other guessed it...Raine.

This could get complicated. And does.

Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I was given a free copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.
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