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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Book Review - HOPE by Fay Lamb

There's always one thing you can always count on with Fay Lamb's books--okay, two.  First, you'd better get a box of Kleenex. Second, expect twists that won't let you put the book down. I'm tellin' ya, folks--this gal can write! This is an inspirational romance of the highest quality.

Hope is the third in the Ties that Bind series. The other two were Charisse and Libby., stories about three friends (really four, plus two hubbies (and a fourth book, Delilah,  will be happening soon!).

Hope Astor is the child of wealthy parents--beautiful, spoiled, arrogant, and filled with sarcasm for anyone who disagrees with her. Or at least she used to be. But that was before that lump showed up in her breast. The "C" word has taken over her life, but friends Charisse, Libby, and Delilah won't let her sink in self-pity. They surround her with love and support, but what Hope really wants is Danny--okay, Dr. Daniel Duvall, her oncologist. Brother to the girl whose death is Hope's fault. He's the only one she's ever loved.

Daniel doesn't even like Hope, let alone love her, anymore. Neighbors and playmates from the time they were able to walk, Hope, Danny, and Tiffany were inseparable. He fell in love with her when they were in high school, but he got over that. Now she comes begging for his help. Well, he'd show her. He'd shuffle her off onto his partner. And if she died? Maybe she'd get a taste of her own medicine.

Makes me want to drag out another Kleenex just to think about it. Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I received this book free from the author in return for an honest review.
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