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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Book Review - FIDDLER'S FLING by Linda Wood Rondeau

A lot of romances, even Christian romances, can get monotonous and/or sappy, right? Well, this one can't be classified as either boring or gooey. No way.

Jolene Murdock is a young woman who is upward bound. She's engaged to political hopeful Robert Ashworth, soon-to-be New York State senator, and she's under the watchful and instructive eye of Robert's mother, the woman who had become her substitute mother.

The problem is that now her father--who hasn't spoken to her since she left to work for Robert's father's law firm in Albany three years previous--is dying of cancer. Before long, she'd be an orphan, since her own mother died when she was a child. Robert's mother and Robert are unhappy that she's chosen to go home to Brookside to see her father, but she must.

What if he still wouldn't speak to Jolene? What if Dwight Etting tried to reestablish that romantic link they'd had in highschool? Worse, what if Dwight found out about...but no, that was a safely buried secret. Only she and Robert's mother know this hidden shame in her past.

Linda Wood Rondeau is a wonderful author, and I know you're going to want this one. Available from Amazon.

I received a copy of this book free from the author in return for an honest review.

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