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Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Morning Devo - How Long Should Gratitude Last?

There are certain days or occasions when giving thanks seems to be expected, but what about when it might be uncomfortable or even a little embarrassing? Would you express your gratitude to God in a crowded restaurant? How about when you're out with your friends?

And how long does your gratitude last--all the way through the meal, or just until someone tells a socially incorrect joke? There've been times when I've said my thanks under my breath, and there've been too many times I've "kept my peace" when someone did something offensive or embarrassing to me or to another person there. In other words, I didn't stick up for the person being offended.

How about other times when you've felt someone should have said thanks to you? Or when they did, but then turned around and cut you down? Sometimes I wonder how God feels when we give thanks at dinner and then use His name for a swearword at the same meal--or anywhere, for that matter.

Those aren't the only examples. I don't want to count the number of times I'm sure I embarrassed or offended my Lord, the same One who chose to make the ultimate sacrifice for people who don't retain their sense of gratitude for more than a split second or two.

I can't change how others act or speak, but I can work on me.

O Lord, may I remember how much You have done for more than a couple of seconds. May I constantly be aware of how much You love. May I pass that love on to others, that they may see You in me and maybe remember also how much You've done for us. For Christ's glory, Amen.

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