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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Book Review - A HUSBAND'S CHRISTMAS PRAYER by Kathi Macias

I love Christmas books, and this is a good one. I know I can depend on Kathi Macias to deliver an inspiring and uplifting story, and this one is definitely my cup of tea.

When Paul Michaelson finally gets an opportunity to plant a church in a small town two hours away from he and his wife.s beautiful, spacious house, he believes their prayers have been answered, After all, before they even got married, they both talked about how they'd love to plant a church somewhere. He accepts without a qualm. Why is it then that Diana is less than thrilled? Paul expected her to be as excited as he is.

Diana pastes smiles on her face and goes with Paul without complaint. The parsonage is smaller and anything but modern. She hasn't been able to find a suitable preschool for their two toddlers. She misses her friends terribly, and her loneliness threatens to overwhelm her.

What will it take to get Diana onboard with this project? Will their relationship survive? Why did he accept this position without even asking her? She alternates between feeling resentful and feeling guilty. Paul's a wonderful, loving husband and father, but it's just not fair.

I know it's not Christmas right now, but even though the tree has been undecorated and all the lights are put away, this is one that will give you that last little Christmas lift. Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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