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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Book Review - SCARLET MOON by S.D. Grimm

When I read a book like this, it makes me feel like I'm 16 again. This young adult novel is excellent. Oh yes, I'm sure the teens will love it, but so did I--and I am in my 70s. Sheesh. When did that happen?

Jayden is one of the Children of the Blood Moon; moreover, she is one of the very special four who were born at the same time eighteen years ago. She has amazing talents, as do the rest of the Children, but these special four are Deliverers. She doesn't feel much like a Deliverer. It was her fault her parents and siblings were all murdered. They died saving her. Even her soon-to-be betrothed is severely injured because of her.

Ethan is also one of the Children, but he is a Protector. Born to protect Jayden, apparently. Willing to die to save her. He didn't know he would also become one of two who loved her. The other one was her betrothed, Ryan.

Ryan has severe injuries that require a special plant to heal him--and the healing must take place before the poison in the arrow in his chest reaches his heart. That poison doesn't exactly kill him, but he'd rather be dead than....

Logan is the father of two of the Deliverers, but he's estranged from his wife. She's serving that evil queen, Idla, and she has one of the twins with her--Connor. Who will also be serving the queen if he isn't already--unless Logan can stop them. But he's also a Protector, and Jayden is the one he has to save, no matter how reluctant he is to be one of the ones who must commit to die before he will let any harm come to her.

Jayden's target is the sorceress queen, and it is impossible to kill her. Besides the fact that Jayden doesn't want to kill anyone. And Jayden will NOT allow any more to die because of her.

Can you feel the suspense? It's a fever that can only be cured by buying the book. And then after you read it, you'll be holding your breath before the next book in the Children of the Blood Moon  series comes out! Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hurry.

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.
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