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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Book Review - SLENDER REEDS: JOCHEBED'S HOPE by Texie Susan Gregory

I've know Texie Susan Gregory for a few years now--I met her at the Write to Inspire Conference in Sacramento, CA, and I was privileged to read a little of what she'd written for a contest. I knew this lady was going to become a popular writer one day. This is her first release, and it's everything I thought her writing would be!

Jochebed is one of the women in the Bible who's just barely mentioned. One of the Egyptian slaves who are required to produce baskets and bricks or be beaten, Jochebed has received her share of stripes when she didn't work fast enough to please their Egyptian overseers. Her mother has tried to instill a love of God and of the stories of their ancestors, but Jochebed doesn't think God is all that great. They're still slaves with no hope in sight.

She's betrothed and then married to a man who's still in love with his first wife, a woman who was killed along with their child in the spring floods. She has a daughter, Miriam, and then a son, Aaron. Another child is stillborn.. Still her husband does not love her. Will one more child make a difference if it's another son? And will another son survive anyway, now that the Pharaoh has decreed all male babies will be killed?

The mother of Moses has never been more real. Give this new author a try. You won't be disappointed, promise! Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and on lots of local bookstore shelves!

I received this book free from the publisher in return for an honest review.
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