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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Book Review - WITNESSES by L. D. Carver

I really loved this book--it has two of my favorite subjects in it: Biblical fiction and time travel. I was surprised when I went to Amazon and found only six people had reviewed it since it released in December of 2014. I wasn't surprised at all, though, at the high recommendations among those six people.

Someone has finally invented a time machine, Orin Worth, and he begins sending travelers to various events in the past to verify accuracy--or inaccuracies. People around the world are so fascinated that that a television program has been set up to reveal the witnesses' findings.

Orin is a believer, but his brother, Ray, is definitely not. An atheist of worst order, he challenges Orin to send two witnesses (one of which has to be an atheist to follow Jesus around. Ray's sure this will forever debunk the myth of Jesus being anything other than just another crazy man with delusions of godhood. Orin agrees, provided they can raise the necessary funding. When they do, Lilith (the believer) and Daniel (the atheist) are selected and sent. Lilith has a glass eye due to being stabbed in that orb in the same home invasion that took the lives of her entire family, making that socket the perfect place for one of the two cameras. Daniel has a disk carried around his neck.

They have to (1) have a plausible story for why they want to follow Jesus in His journeys, and (2) be careful they don't change history in any way. The latter is the biggest danger in sending people back in time. Lilith and Daniel will travel as husband and wife, sleeping in the same room but not cohabiting, a difficulty for Daniel at least. Their tale is that Daniel has been hired by a rich person to find out more about this Man of Nazareth who is gaining so much popularity.

The first miracle they witness is the feeding of the five thousand, and even Daniel has to admit this is supernatural. When they finally get to actually meet Him, it's clear Jesus knows who they are and why they're there.

This story has some sinister mysteries worked in--a plot to discredit Jesus by a person known as Rasputin and a second plot to destroy the time machine and the people working it. I was thoroughly fascinated all the way through the book.

Go for it, folks. It's worth every cent, whether you buy the paperback or the ebook. It's well researched and even better written. Available at Amazon.

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