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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Book Review - A LADY UNRIVALED by Roseanna M. White

Every time I read one of Roseanna White's books, I have such mixed emotions at the end: (1) No! I don't want it to end. Keep writing (doubly wanting this when it's the last in a series)! and (2) Wow! Another great one!

Lady Ella Myerston has been the unaware keeper of the Fire Eyes: rare and beautiful red diamonds. She thought they were merely a lovely pair of ruby earrings, and she "borrowed" and wore them in front of the dangerous Lord Rushworth, a man who would do anything legal, illegal, or matrimonial to get them. Anything.

Rushworth's sister Lady Pratt doesn't want anything to do with the Fire Eyes or the curse that goes with them. She blames them for the deaths of her husband and her baby. She knows Rushworth's unholy desire to possess them, and nothing she can say will deter him.

Lord Cayton is a recent widower with a less-than-spotless past, but his recent conversion to Christianity has him trying to overcome that ladies' man past. Lady Ella isn't helping any. He's attracted to her despite his best intentions, and it's not making him popular with his associates.

A Russian ballerina is masquerading as a lady's maid at the demand of her benefactor, and if she doesn't come up with information on the jewels, he's threatening to take everything she cherishes away from her, including her life.

Oh, such a tangled web of deceit, danger, and dreams! You will be so engrossed with this book you might not sleep until it's finished, so take a good long nap before you start reading.

Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hurry.
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