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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Book Review - SPANKY DOODLES' SPOTTED TALES by Kathy Rodriguez

Okay, we all love stories about dogs, right? How about stories BY dogs? Spanky Doodles wrote this herself--with a bit of help from her human, of course.

Spanky is an English setter with a bunch of stories to tell. She and her setter friends Fancy, Deja, and Dakara; horse friends (sometimes) Chile and Tigger; and cat enemy Marilla (aka Red Devil). From a dog's point of view, ordinary life events can become world tragedies, comedies, or cause for rejoicing. My personal favorite is maybe the one about when Spanky got herself shut in the barn.

You can't buy this from Amazon, but you can order direct from Spanky's human, Kathy Rodriguez, 622 Butte Falls-Prospect Road, Prospect, Oregon, 97536. Cost is $16.50 plus $4.50 postage. Spanky donates a generous part of the proceeds to English setter health research foundations.

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