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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book Review - MIXED INTENTIONS by Laurie Penner

Under the best of circumstances, it is difficult and uncomfortable to fire a person. When Sarah Lynn Jones is made responsible for telling Dan Harding he is fired and why, it's definitely not the best of circumstances. Or outcome. Very good, Laurie Penner. Start with the hot tension and build it over a great mystery!

Sarah Lynn is a young widow whose husband left her with a valuable item that someone wants. One problem is that she has no idea the item is valuable. Looks like junk to her. She needs an estimator. Her husband had been in contact with someone who could provide an estimate, and that person has called many times over the years since Jim departed this earth.

Suspect: Dan Harding, of course. Greedy, without being burdened by an overly-developed sense of ethics. Obviously, though, he's going to need help. The object is heavy and unwieldy.

There's this guy at the office who really likes Sarah Lynn. His name is Mark Slack. He just needs to convince her he's the right guy for her, the only one who can really protect her.

And the guy they just hired--Ben Striker--good looking enough to be distracting, even if Sarah Lynn wasn't in the market for someone to replace Jim. Besides, he's engaged.

Donna Long is the CEO at Sarah Lynn's company. Seems emotionless, and she hates dogs.

Hannah McAndrews, Ben's fiance'e. Has positive things to say about everyone and everything to the point of flattery--well, except about the place Ben wants to buy, a fixer-upper in the woods only 10 miles from the office. She wants a place in Ashland (a small city that has a lot of neat stores and restaurants), a house that would take the rest of their lives to pay off.

Ted Brown. He hurt his wife, Molly. How can you trust anyone who would abuse his spouse?

George DeWinde. Sarah Lynn's boss, better known (at least behind his back) as Windy. Loves the sound of his own voice, despises nearly everyone else's.

Unravel the mystery by buying the book. Available from Amazon.

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