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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Book Review - LOVE'S SWEETEST REVENGE by Flora Reigada

A good story of love, betrayal, love again, and forgiveness is hard to resist--and this book has a really neat story line from award-winning author Flora Reigada.

Elizabeth Bertelli--Liz to her friends--believed she had a good marriage with Steve. Sure, he had a wandering eye, but he was so good to their twin boys, Stevie and Tony. By the time they were grown with careers of their own, Liz had gained a bit of weight, making the "curvaceous cutie" (Steve's praise) of their younger years, and Steve no longer thought of her as cute at all. He constantly criticized her, told her he longer wanted her. And then he left her for a younger--much younger--woman. Liz is devastated, sure (a) she is no longer a desirable woman and (b) no man can be trusted.

One spring morning on a walk toward the woods near her home, she encounters a bear. She flees, and when she falls and passes out, the bear apparently decides she is no further danger and leaves. When she looks up, Liz finds a precious locket with a letter. She and her best friend Rosa decide to try to find the intended recipient, and they find out the giver of the locket was shot, and his sweetheart disappeared. And they they find the box with pictures.

They discover the pictures are of a place in Florida. A neighbor remembers a young couple who disappeared and supplies names. Of course, they set out from New York to Florida (even over Liz's petrifying fear of flying. They meet with the son of the two teens, and the attraction begins.... Like I said, a lovely story, and with a mystery mixed in!

I think you'll enjoy this story, and you can get it from Amazon.
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