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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Book Review - MAKE-BELIEVE BEAU by Keli Gwynn

What would you do if pretending to be in love with your supervisor were a condition of your employment? Especially if that supervisor had also been ordered to carry on the charade by the owner of the company? This historical novel explores the sometimes poignant, sometimes frustrating (but definitely enjoyable) story that in modern days would be almost illegal!

Jessie Sinclair only wants to be accepted as a draftswoman. She's not looking for romance. Flynt Kavanaugh just wants the boss, Corby, to give this talented woman a chance to prove her work is as good or better than the other four draftsmen in the department. However, strife erupts when she sits down at a drafting board and begins work. Two friendly faces, two definitely unfriendly.

So when the boss makes his suggestion and tacks it on as a condition to her continuing in her job, what can they do? Corby says a month, and then they can "split up." One month. One month to prove herself better than adequate at her job and ease the tensions there. Surely she can tolerate one month.

If only she can continue to conceal her past from the very straight-laced Flynt and the others.

Hurry, folks. You'll want to get this book soon from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Or on a lot of your local bookstore shelves!
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