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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Review - TO NEVER FORGET by Gys van Beek and Howard Moebius

While I was on vacation, one of my best friends ever handed me this book--one that her granddaughter (Mariah Montoya)  put together for a high school project. I promised to read it, but didn't expect the depth and breadth I would find in it. And so I present it here and hope you will purchase it and share the same inspirational reading experience I did.

Gys van Beek was born and raised in Holland, and he lived there during the horrifying years of World War II. When the Germans occupied Holland, Gys was offered a chance to become an elite member of the SS--he made the perfect Aryan picture--tall, blond, and blue-eyed. He chose instead to become part of the underground. Danger and deprivation became his and his family's constant companions. His family went from well-fed and -housed farmers to dependent on the courage and generosity of neighbors.

One of the American pilots he helped save was Howard Moebius, whose story Gys relates from his perspective. And then we have Howard's point of view. Both inspiring!

I hope we never have to endure the things they did. Most of us wouldn't live through the week. But they did--and they ask us to always remember that horrible war and the reasons we fought. The tyranny, cruelty, oppression, slavery, genocide...these will be remembered, I promise, at least by me. You?

Available from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

I received this book free, but no one asked me to do anything but read it.
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