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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Review: - THE FIREFIGHTER'S REFRAIN by Loree Lough

I've already said that I love Loree Lough's writing, but it bears repeating. I'm never disappointed by her books. Upbeat without being Pollyanna-ish, romantic without being gushy, and real without the gory details,

Sam Marshall has a bad leg, so he can't climb those ladders to rescue victims--but he can teach others how, so that's what he does. In Nashville, where every other person you see dreams of becoming an overnight country music sensation. He's no exception. At least, not until he meets beautiful brown-haired dark-eyed Finn Leary.

Finn has an aversion to men with visions of stardom in their eyes for good reasons. She's the sole caretaker for her younger sister, injured and mentally disabled by their singing father's drunk driving and their mother's shrewishly sharp tongue. Both of whom deserted them without a penny right after the accident. If it hadn't been for a kind and generous cafe owner, she shudders to think of what might have become of them. To top that off, the one guy she did get interested in chose the ladder of musical success over her.

Now this guy sticks a long leg out in front of her as she delivers his food and drinks to him and his buddy. And then offers to care for the cuts because he's a firefighter. And one of his buddies just happens to be a star-maker. If this fireman-cum-singer thinks she's going to fall for those soulful eyes and hunky build--well, let's just say his aim is wayyyyy off!

Yup, another Loree Lough success story. Get it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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