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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Review - PORTRAIT OF JENNY by Alice K Arenz

I don't usually review books that aren't Christian fiction or nonfiction. I'm making this exception because (1) Alice Arenz is one dynamic writer; and (2) the characters are in what I would see as the beginning stages of seeking God. In addition, I know Alice's faith in God--it's strong in the face of overwhelming odds. And this book is...well, wowing.

Richard Tanner had a harrowing childhood experience that affects the rest of his life--the only problem is that he can't remember it. There are some who are very glad he can't, including his parents and his parents' closest friends. But the memories seems to be coming to almost the surface in strange and violent dreams and on a painting he apparently did in his sleep.

But then he meets Jenny. He's sitting in this gazebo that had been erected a bunch of years before in the park, and she's sitting there giggling at the rain running across her fingers. Rich finds her fascinating, but she disappears. Then she shows up at his apartment and stays with him for several days, fearful of being found. Why?

He paints her portrait, and other stories begin to surface among his friends, his mother,--and apparently his enemies.

This is one of the best-written mysteries I've read. I love how Alice Arenz places clues that seem unimportant into the story only to weave them together in a complex and and yet logically simple conclusion. I can't wait for you to read this one!

It's available from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle. Now is a good time.

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