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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Book Review - HOME TO CHAPEL SPRINGS by Ane Mulligan

Ane Mulligan is at it again, getting poor Claire Bennett into one difficulty after another. If you liked Chapel Springs Revival and Chapel Springs Survival, you will thoroughly enjoy this one too. If you haven't read them, you should.

Skullduggery is afoot in Chapel Springs. That no-good Howie Newlander is back trying to insinuate himself into the otherwise peaceful community. He's planning to run for Mayor, and he's willing to go to great lengths to attain that post, some of them actually legal.

Claire hasn't had a really great relationship with the current Mayor, Felix, the current Mayor who always fought every change she wanted to generate for their little town's revitalization, at least loves Chapel Springs as much as Claire and her cohorts. Howie, however, loves lining his pockets with lots of green stuff.

Author Carin Jardine is a recent transplant to Chapel Springs; well, actually, she's a retransplant. She spent some summers there as a child. Her husband had emptied their bank account and left her and their little boy without a cent while he took off with a cute blond. Carin has only her grandmother's house in Chapel Springs. She'd like to hide from the world just now, and that would be the perfect place, but it lacks everything from furniture to electricity, a shell that just barely provides shelter from the storms.

Hiding isn't really possible in this little town. She has to go to the hardware store and lumber company, and people begin recognizing her not as the author but as the child who spent summers there. They're happy to see her, not because she's an author (although they're pleased she's done so well), but as a resident.

A next-door neighbor helps her make her needed changes; the stores extend credit to her, and she and her boy are treated warmly by the locals.

So naturally she bands with them to find out what the skullduggery's about and find a solution. Get a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or from one of your favorite local bookstores.

The author gave me a free copy of Home to Chapel Springs in return for an honest review.
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