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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Book Review - HEART OF A COWBOY by Davis, Ferrell, Lehman, McDonough

I really loved this collage of four western romance novellas by four wonderful authors. There's Hearts in Pursuit by Susan Page Davis, Hearts Reunited by Miralee Ferrell, Have Dress, Will Marry by Yvonne Lehman, and The Hand-Me-Down Husband by Vickie McDonough. Read them and take your own pick as to which is your favorite--they'll all goo-ood.

Hearts in Pursuit - Two youngsters, Pablo Hardy and Ellen Bunter, have been snatched by Pablo's grandfather from Mexico. Seven-year-old Pablo because the grandfather wants to raise his dead daughter's only child and Ellen because maybe the men the grandfather sent to do the job figured to make a few bucks selling the fourteen-year-old girl to the highest bidder. However, they didn't figure on Pablo's dad and half-brother Sam's determination to get him back--or on Ellen's sister Abby's resolve to bring her sister safely home even if she has to do it by herself. The race after the kidnappers is daunting, needing to get the two youngsters before they crossed the Rio Grande. Weary horses slow the rescuers down, but they have to press on. Sam wants to protect Abby, but he knows Pablo has to be his first concern.

Hearts Reunited - Jesse Townsend left home at sixteen after a squabble with his father, but six years later he has to return and take over the ranch when his father dies. His former girlfriend, hot-headed Mercedes Taylor, is the last person he wants to come take care of his injured and pregnant blooded mare, but she's the only choice he has. She's not too crazy about helping him out either, but she loves animals and can't stand to see one hurting that she could help. Old family feuds resurface when the two are together, but Jesse can't help but notice the skinny teenager he left behind has matured beautifully....

Have Dress, Will Marry - Julie has no other choices left--she has to leave this town and get married. The one man she thought would do has left town, and if he ever gets caught will probably spend lots of time in prison. That leaves only one man: the preacher who comes to their church on his rounds, So she runs up to Brother Timothy after church and blurts, "Will you marry me?" Timothy agrees, thinking the pretty young lady will next tell him who the groom will be, but instead, she changes the subject as her step-father gets close enough to hear them. Imagine his surprise when the girl chases after him as he's on his way home, frightened to death by the horse she's riding and can't control. Timothy takes her to his home, and it becomes clear she hadn't meant would he perform the ceremony to unite her to another man. And she's said not a few times that she has to get married. Now what?

Hand-Me-Down Husband - Ellen Stewart arrives in Texas at her brother-in-law's (Lance Garrett) request to help take care of the baby her sister left behind when she died in a big storm. Ellen fully intends to take the child home with her to Boston, and when Lance finds out, he's afraid to leave the baby alone with her--so he basically still has the same problem: Take the baby with him while he does his ranching. He should send the lady packing, but she surely does make a mean peach pie....

Okay--I'm eager to hear what y'all think of these stories, so get the book and read them, okay? I don't think you'll be sorry!

Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, I received a free copy of this book from one of the authors in return for an honest review.
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