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Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Morning Devo: Song Stories: "I'll Fly Away"

I got a little bit of a kick out of how this song came about. Albert E. Brumley spent a lot of time, especially as a youngster, picking cotton--as did most of the kids in Oklahoma in those times (early 1900's). He was out in a cotton field one day, the song "If I Had the Wings of an Angel" when this newer song began formulating in his head. Mr. Brumley said he was actually thinking maybe more about "flying away" from the cotton field! But then his deep-seated belief in God won out.

As well as “I’ll Fly Away,” Mr. Brumley also wrote hundreds of other songs, including “Turn Your Radio On,” “If We Ever Meet Again (This Side of Heaven),” “I’ll Meet You in the Morning” and “He Set Me Free.” His fun and easily harmonized songs earned him a place in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

This is another song that ranks in my "really interesting background" category rather than "super inspirational," but no matter the original idea that got the song going and growing, the best part is the final product--an inspirational song that lifts us to the realization that one day, we can have a wonderful new adventure in the heavenly realms!

Dear Lord, I look forward too to the day I can fly away with You. Even so, come get me, Lord Jesus! Amen
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