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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Book Review - FRIENDS AND ENEMIES by Terri Wangard

World War II tore so many lives to pieces, just as war always does, on both sides of the conflict. We so often remove personal feelings, loves, and grief from our thoughts of the enemies, but there were good and hurting people on both sides--just as there are now.

This story so lovingly created by Terri Wangard tells the story of two such people--well, four plus others who depended on them.

Heidi Wetzel is a young bride longing for her husband Erich to return from his duties onboard a U-boat.

Cadet Paul Braedel, also newly wed, loves flying nearly as much as he loves his own new bride, Rachel. He writes long letters to her describing how thrilling it is to do loop-the-loops, dives, and tailspins, calls her every time he can afford it.

Tragedy strikes both couples. Erich's sub is sunk; a sudden disease claims Rachel.

By coincidence, Heidi and Rachel used to be best friends when Heidi's family lived in the US before the war, but the conflict has also severed their relationship.

Another coincidence? Paul's plane is later shot down over Germany, and he, wounded, seeks shelter near a farm house where a few women have taken it upon themselves to provide a safe home for children who are refugees from the cities.

Two of those women are Heidi and her impulsive younger sister, Gretchen. Their parents sent them away from the city as well, but to help the farm's owners care for the children. When Rachel also shelters Paul, Gretchen's indiscretion might jeopardize everyone.

They need your help! Quick, go to Amazon, get the book, and get them through this horror!

I was privileged to receive an advance copy of this book free, but I give this glowing review in total honesty. It's that good, folks.
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