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Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Morning Devo - Song Stories: "Mary Did You Know"

The songs I've written about so far have been older songs. "Mary, Did You Know," however, was written in 1984 by Mark Lowry. Well, the lyrics were written then. The music was written by Buddy Green in 1991.

His pastor had asked Mark to write monologue for a Christmas program called "The Living Christmas Tree." While writing that, Mark began to wonder just how much Mary realized about this baby she'd just given birth to. The poem emerged, but it took several more years before he found someone who could write music that was the perfect marriage with the lyrics.

The first person to perform the song was Michael English, and one of the most popular versions was by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd. However, Mark Lowry's personal favorite is performed by the Christ Church Choir. You can listen to any of the three by clicking on the bold blue names of the performers (including the writer of the lyrics). I wish I could also get a copy of the young lady's rendition who sang it at our church on Christmas Eve. Maigen Matteucci has a
lovely voice, and she filled the song with her own emotion. Beautiful.

Lord, thank You again for the lyricists and songwriters who express our wonderings and joys so well, and thank You too for the inspiring singers who weave the words into our hearts. Amen.
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