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Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Release - A Gift for Arlene

Not all Christmases are fun. Sometimes the ones we remember have heartaches in them. This is true for Arlene Smith, matriarch of the Sweetland Smiths. She gazes at some old pictures and remembers one that was definitely a mixed blessing.

This is the first short story in the Sweetland Christmas Reflections series.

She was in high school then. The cutest boy in Sweetland High School noticed her--maybe because she literally ran into him.

But whatever the reason, Jeff Collier invited her to go for a ride with him on his murder-cycle, and then he asked her out to the movies on Friday. She's thrilled. Her mom is not. Her totally square, old-fashioned parents insist on meeting any boy she goes out with. Arguments that nobody did that any more fell on deaf ears.

Arlene knows Jeff will never consent to coming into her house to be introduced to and be interrogated by them, so if she wants to go out with him--and she does--she will have to sneak off to meet him somewhere.

She hopes he picks her up in a car and not his motorcycle. He drives it way too crazy.

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