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Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Morning Devo - Song Stories: O Come O Come Emmanuel

Wow, talk about old Hymns--this one is the oldest one I've talked about so far. The poem stanzas date back to around about 1100, when an unknown writer put them into a Latin poem. The verses become a collection of "O antiphons" sung or chanted between two choirs, a little like between the liturgist and a congregation in some churches, but more rhythmical. The O antiphons are still done in a lot of Catholic and Anglican churches between December 17 and 23 each year.

In the mid-1800s, it came to the attention of an Anglican Priest and hymn writer John Mason Neale, who put it to music written by "French sources." The tune was apparently an old funeral hymn sung by French Franciscan nuns.

I think this story comes more under the heading of "interesting" rather than "inspirational," but it came to be one of my favorites the year I heard it sung by a big roomful of men. Now, that was inspirational. The hymn sounds pretty amazing sung by all deep voices. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate a version like that, but this one is pretty cool too. Click HERE.

Lord, once again we embark on that season where we are introduced to the Baby You. Most of us go "awwwww" when we see a baby--but if we had seen You, it would have been much more like "awe" because You were, are, and always will be awesome. May we never lose that feeling of wonder and amazement at that fact that You gave up a heavenly throne at the Father's right hand to take that thirty-three-year laborious, painful journey just to come to us in a recognizable and humble form. Thank You, Lord.

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