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Friday, November 27, 2015

Book Review - CHRISTMAS FUTURE by Rita Garcia

I love Christmas stories--fictional or real, doesn't matter! My only personal stipulation is that they don't violate Christian standards, so this novella by Rita Garcia qualifies. It's a sweet story (no violence or ugliness), and I think you'll love it too.

Two angels--Mercy Grace, a novice guardian angel, and her mentor, Shirley Goodness--are strolling around heaven one day admiring all the glorious beauty of the realm and discussing a family in Serenity Cove. Mercy is wondering what the future holds for a pair of twins (Sarah Anne and Josh) who will be born to Samantha and ***. Being in heaven, Shirley Goodness knows they can pull back the curtain that veils the future, so she begins to show Mercy some of what will be happening.

Sarah Anne (better known as Sarah to all but her family members) loves Serenity Cove. She also loves the handsome Ian--but Ian wants to live in the bustling city rather than the homespun little seaside village. There's a bookstore--an old-fashioned one with real vintage books!--for sale, and Sarah buys it with all kinds of optimistic plans for the shop to make it profitable, which hasn't happened for some time.

So therefore, she and Ian just will never be. *sigh*

Little does Mercy Grace know the role she will play in Sarah Anne's future, but the angel is destined to be Sarah's guardian angel.

But you can get a glimmer if you buy this charming little book. Available at Amazon today for FREE! I don't know how long it will be free, though, so grabbit today!
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