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Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Release - THE ROMAN'S QUEST, Audio Book Segment No. 1

Cool! My book, The Roman's Quest,  is being released as an audio book! Okay, I'm probably more excited about it than you are, but I'd love for you to get excited too.

The book is being released in ten segments, one at a time. This first segment covers the first four chapters. You're introduced to Julius, a young Roman centurion stationed in Jericho, and the Jewish maiden, Miriam, who catches his eye over and over. He longs to meet her, but how? The Jews aren't fond of the Romans, and Miriam's father, Micah, has someone else in mind for his beloved daughter--a fine Jewish fisherman, James, son of the prosperous Zebedee.

You'll also meet Deborah, Miriam's mother, a desperately ill woman who longs to see her daughter wed before she dies; Deborah's young sister, Leah; and Leah's paranoid husband, Amos.

And then there's Julius's Greek slave, Cyril, a man more his brother than his servant. Marcus, Julius's impulsive and reckless best friend, also appears on the scene.

The stage is set in Jericho, the small but active community close to the Jordan River, down a steep and winding road about ten miles from Jerusalem. The time period is during the first year of Jesus's earthly ministry, and the Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover are rapidly approaching.

Where can you buy it? At My Helping Hands Press, link:
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