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Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Morning Devo - Song Stories: BE THOU MY VISION

I have this huge fascination about why stories and songs were written. What tickled the writer's imagination? What tragedy or triumph inspired the words? Was there a "God moment" where the song sprang forth?

Be Thou My Vision has a really ancient past. It's even rumored maybe St. Patrick himself penned the original Irish poem. More likely, though, it was an eighth century monk by the name of Dallan Forgaill who wrote it as a tribute to St. Patrick's wholehearted devotion to God. The music is the tune to a song called Slane, the name of the hill where King Logaire of Tara decreed the first fire had to be lit to celebrate a pagan god. St. Patrick had defied the order and lit the candles on the eve of Easter--but he lit them to the One God. The king was impressed by the bravery of the saint and allowed him to continue his missionary work unhindered.

The hymn was translated into English by Mary E. Byrne in 1905, but the words we usually see in hymnbooks were by Eleanor Hull, written in 1912, inspiring then and now countless people in churches worldwide.

Here's a version I like by Jars of Clay:

Prayer: Lord Jesus, may we keep You so in front of our minds and hearts that You will be our constant vision. May we be a blessing to You. Amen.
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