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Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Morning Devo - Song Stories: Amazing Grace

Okay, show of hands: How many of you already know the story of John Newton, the man who wrote Amazing Grace? Okay, those who already know the tale may leave the classroom early.

John Newton was the son of a sea captain and followed in his father's footsteps--well, after several unpleasant escapades along the way. He began at age eleven, going to sea with his father, and John made six voyages with him before the elder Newton retired. A few years later in 1744, he was impressed onto a man-of-war. He didn't like the conditions there and deserted--but was caught, brought back, and publicly flogged..

Later he was, at his own request, transferred to a slave ship. Still later, he captained his own slave ship. On May 10, 1748, in the middle of a terrible storm that he feared would kill him, his shipmates, and his cargo, he called for God's mercy, the storm abated, and John's life was forever changed. The self-proclaimed wretch had been found, and Amazing Grace was written just a few years after.

It's amazing but true that a lot of us wait until something disastrous happens before we ask for God's mercy. Silly people--they could have had so many years of God's grace and joy-filled life without waiting till a tragedy forces the issue. How about you?

Link to Chris Tomlin's version with an added verse, click HERE.

Father, Thank You so much for never saying "Sorry, sucker, you waited too long." Thank You for offering Your grace and forgiveness for free. Open our eyes to see how great You are. Amen.
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