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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Book Review - THE TRAITOR'S HEIR by Anna Thayer

Another book that caused me to lose a lot of sleep. I hated to put it down, but my eyes kept fogging over. Trouble is, even after I put it down, my brain didn't.  Intrigue upon intrigue, peril upon peril, and the lure of power filled my dreams.

There are Eamon, the young man serving two masters; Alessia, the woman he loves, who serves her master too well; and Mathaiah, Eamon's ward and conscience.

Eamon didn't realize that when he gave his oath to become a gauntlet that it would be written in his flesh, and immediately he begins experiencing the power hunger of the brutal and cruel Master he pledged to serve with his blood, his blade, and his body.

His friend Aeryn, a girl raised as close to him as a sister, nearly becomes the first victim to the new voice in his head. He must learn to control himself!

When the ship he's on is boarded by the people who follow the King instead of the Master, he struggles to save his shipmates, but he fails miserably. Instead he and one other are taken captive. That's when he finds Hughan, a childhood friend, is now the King. Before he leaves to return to his duties with the Master, he swears fealty to the King--and thus begins the tumultuous struggle between the good of the King and the evil of the Master warring in his life.

Anna Thayer's adept weaving of this fantasy on the order of The Lord of the Rings will keep you riveted, guaranteed. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors.

This is sorta edgy Christian fiction only because of some of the swear words included and some sexual reference--never graphic. I received this book in free in return for an honest review.
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