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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Review - THROUGH WATERS DEEP by Sarah Sundin

Have you read any of Sarah Sundin's WWII books? They are sooooo good! I love a book that makes me lose sleep to finish the next chapter...and the next, and each of Sarah's books has done that for me. Including this one! I know I'm not the only one. All the folks I know who've read them have said the same thing.

Mary Stirling is a quiet brunette, the exact opposite of her best friend Quintessa--the vivacious blonde that Jim Avery is in love with, or was during high school. Mary can't hope to compete, but she can be his friend--even though she'd love to be so much more.

Since high school, Mary's become a savvy secretary at the Navy Yard in 1941. It's obvious there's a saboteur there. Workers there are used to seeing her walking around taking notes, so that's exactly what she does.

Jim is still the people-pleaser he was in school, hoping to make people like him, even though now he's an ensign on a destroyer with leadership duties that could force him to make unpopular decisions. He dreads and avoids giving any kind of order that might make waves. Last time he did that, his little sister lost her leg. He second-guesses everything.

He and Mary are flung together in the middle of this turbulence.  She can't help herself--she's falling in love--but he mustn't know he's anything more than a friend. On the other hand, he's having trouble forgetting that friendly kiss she was forced into giving him. He's second-guessing that too.

When you get done reading Through Waters Deep, write a review for the author on Goodreads and/or any of the following distributors, okay? It's available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors.

I received this book free in return for an honest review. And no, I didn't get a kickback from any of the bookstores either.

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