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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Book Review - NOT ASHAMED by Teresa Pollard and Candi Pullen

This cozy mystery is enthralling and uplifting, and I think almost anyone would enjoy it as much as I did. Not Ashamed is the second in the Windspree series.

Charity is the child of a rape victim. In an unusual twist, her mother and adoptive father have not only accepted her but have also forgiven and become friends with the rapist, Paul Davidson. Charity, who didn't learn of the rape until recently, isn't quite so sure that forgiveness should have been given. Not even if the man served his time and did a total turnaround in prison. She's come to the US from her parents' mission in Africa intending to go to College in Windspree. Her secondary purpose is to expose the man who fathered her.

Now Paul is the pastor of a church that feeds and ministers to the homeless and other ne'er-do-wells. He's convinced the police and other pastors in town--including her grandfather and grandmother, but Charity believes he's faking his transformation and is now using the church as a front for drug dealing and who knows what other nefarious activities. When they find a badly decomposed body in back of her grandparents' home, she's convinced he's also a murderer.

She finds agreement in the person of Ben Chase, a man who'd dated her mother when they'd been in high school. Ben is handsome, and Charity feels an immediate attraction to him. So what if he's older? He's such a gentleman and obviously thinks she's attractive too. Odd, though. Her grandparents don't like him, and they like almost everyone.

And so it begins. You can find out the end by buying and reading. It's available from Amazon.

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