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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Book Review – FAMILY OF HER DREAMS by Keli Gwyn

I love Keli Gwyn’s historicals, don’t you? She’s obviously paid a lot of attention to details. She has the history, geography, flora, and fauna of the area down flat. I give this book a sure five stars.

Tess Grimsby is desperate for this housekeeping job for the handsome widower, Spencer Abbott. She’d come to Shingle Springs, California, after being let go from a similar position in Sacramento. Seems she was a little too forthright. She fervently prayed she would be found acceptable for this position.

A little too tall, also, according to the teasing of her foster brother. Six feet tall, to be precise. Plus she wore high-heeled boots and an outrageously high hat with ostrich feathers that dusted the ceilings of some houses.

The grief that surrounded Mr. Abbott and his son was most understandable. They had lost his wife and the four-year-old boy’s mother three short months before. The baby girl, Lila, wasn’t old enough to remember, but Luke did, and he didn’t want anyone coming to take care of him. He wanted his mama.

When Tess arrived, she’d let her mouth get ahead of her. She’d promised Mr. Abbott she’d earn his approval within one day. When they arrived at the house, it was a mess, dirty clothes and dishes strewn everywhere. It stunk because of some salve Luke had thrown into the fire. The baby was crying, and the boy ran whooping around the obviously unused, equally loaded dining room table.

This might just be the challenge of her life.

You can buy Family of Her Dreams from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, or Christian Book Distributors.

I received this book free in return for an honest review.
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