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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Book Review - WHEN NIGHT COMES by Dan Walsh

Wow, Dan--what a tense, tight story! I love a good mystery, and this one is definitely g-o-o-d!

Jack Turner arrives in Culpepper in the middle of a murder investigation, but the police are refusing to call it that.

The new sergeant doesn't want any murders to investigate. He tells the others to say the young man died of a congenital heart defect activated by a bad dream. Some bad dream. The student at Culpepper University had died with a horrified and horrifying expression on his face.

Jack is a writer and a guest speaker at the college, scheduled to teach some of Professor Thomas Thornton's classes. Professor Thornton invites Jack to his house for dinner, and they talk about old times and about the book Jack is writing, a discussion of what would have happened if WWII military leaders had had to contend with the modern day media.The professor gives him dinner, a glass of wine and a bottle to take with him, and provides an article to read about Pearl Harbor, written in 1944.

A fascinating article, by the way. Jack reads it before he goes to bed and dreams about it in the most vivid nightmare he's ever experienced. The dream leaves him shaken for days to come.

One nice thing about Culpepper--Jack reconnects with a young woman who'd had a crush on him as a teenager. The little girl has grown up, and nicely.

He's just begun to get past the first nightmare when a second one happens. This one leaves him wondering if he's losing his mind. He woke up from this one when he was killed in a parachute jump.

And, speaking of jumps, another student does, from the top of a building.

How are all these people and incidents tied together? Oh, goodness, I can't tell you that! Get the book. Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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