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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Review - CHANGE OF HEART by Molly Jebber

The Amish novels have certainly enjoyed a long popularity, haven't they? And here is another enjoyable one just for you!

Becca Yost is a bride deserted at the altar. In a way, she's relieved--she doesn't have any feelings for David. Arranged marriages weren't anything unusual in the Amish community, but apparently David didn't have any loving feelings for her either. He was attracted to another woman, and he didn't want to begin a marriage with Becca while he was wishing for someone else.

Becca is embarrassed by all the well-wishers constantly reminding her of her loss, so she decides to go visit her sister Ruth. Ruth is an Amish woman who married for love, but then just a couple of years into a wonderful marriage her husband died. The man Ruth married was not Amish, so she's been a widow, and she's delighted to see her sister.

So is another man in town, the local doctor, Matt Carrington. Becca skins her knee and meets him right off the bat, and he's been looking for a nurse. Becca, as an experienced midwife, fits into that category easily, and so she goes to work for him. Propinquity does it's work, and before long they are an item. Trouble brews in the form of Matt's parents who view her as hopelessly backward and definitely not in their social class.

How will this situation work out? Or will Becca find herself alone for life?

You can find out by purchasing Change of Heart from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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