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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review - CALLIE (THE WOMEN OF VALLEY VIEW, BOOK 1) by Sharon Srock

This was a tear-jerker--warning, warning--lay in a stock of tissue before you read this book!

Callie Stillman is overwhelmed by guilt. She had been instrumental in having baby Sawyer returned to his mother after child protective services had removed him from the abusive home. Six month later, the father beat the child to death. Sawyer's terrified cries ring in Callie's ears whenever she's asleep or even sometimes when she's awake. It's a living nightmare that haunts her. She's lost weight because she can't eat, endures the dark circles under her eyes because she doesn't get nearly enough sleep, and tries to hide that she's been crying again.

And now in her Sunday school class, the overly-quiet eleven-year old Iris catches her attention. It's one of those God things. She knows God wants her to find out what's troubling this child and help her, but Callie is afraid. And Benton, her husband, says "no." He fears his wife might go the rest of the way over the edge. At which negative answer she should be relieved, but what's wrong with Iris?

It's time to find out. If you hurry, the Kindle version is FREE on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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