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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Week, Day 5

Feel Jesus's pathos when He says to His twelve chosen disciples, "I have earnestly desired to have this meal with you." It would be the last meal with them until He fixed breakfast for them on the shore of Lake Galilee.

This Seder meal was the traditional big Passover meal. The Jews celebrated Passover for a week. The holiday commemorated when the angel of death passed over the houses of those who put the blood of the slain lamb on their door posts.

The blood of the lambs.

No one knew at that time that these sacrificial lambs were symbols of the greatest sacrifice of all. The sacrifice to end all sacrifices.

The Blood of the Lamb.

The Lamb of God whose shed blood would be the only sacrifice for sin ever needed again--not ever. Nothing we can do will ever erase our mess-ups or the mess-ups of loved ones. Nothing. All you have to do is ask forgiveness--if you really mean you're sorry, you will be forgiven.

What really hits home hard to me? Three things, all involving that traitor, Judas Iscariot.

Jesus chose Judas to be one of His disciples.

Jesus washed Judas's feet.

Jesus served Judas communion.

All knowing full well that this was the man who would sell his Lord for thirty pieces of silver--the price of a slave.

Theories have rises as to why Judas would do such a thing, but this remains: Jesus chose him, washed his feet, and served him communion. What greater love was ever exhibited in the history of humankind?

How well do you love those who betray you?
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