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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Book Review: LOST AND FOUND BY Diane Huff Pitts

This volume is the last of Sonrise in Sweetland series and a fine fitting finale.

Remember Diane's volume in 'Tis the Season in Sweetland? Rob and Ellen McKenzie's house burned to the ground just before Christmas, leaving them and their five children homeless. The matriarch and owner of Sweetbriar, the eighty-something Virginia Danforth Livingston was about to get married to Dr. Bernard Thompson, a man who lived in the same assisted living establishment as she, and they wanted to move back to the Sweetbriar Estate. The problem was they would need someone around to help out. Thus the McKenzies found a place to live and the newlyweds found live in help to run the big house.

But there's a big difference between "a place to live" and "a home," isn't there? How can this noisy family of seven blend with the aristocratic couple? It's not easy. It might take a joint project and joining forces against a vengeful crook.

Ah, I love a good mystery, don't you? Only 99 cents at Amazon.

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