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Sunday, March 15, 2015


This is the latest and last of the stories in the continuing saga of Jillian Mullens and her family and friends.

If you remember, Jillian started out as a fifteen-year-old spoiled rotten brat. Now she's seventeen and a much better human being--a testimony that life can break you or make you. With God's help and the love of her heavenly Father, her family, and her friends--she's one who is making it.

This story begins by resolving the cliff-hanger we left Jillian in on Valentine's Day. But of course, I did have to put her into another pickle or two, right?

Her boyfriend Aiden's been shot. Another guy, Greg--a villein from a previous story in the series--gets burned in a meth lab fire. Jillian's best friend, Sammie, in rehab from meth use, is due to get out by Easter, but will she?

I should be ashamed, putting her through so much trauma throughout this series, maybe especially in this one.

Now available on Amazon and will also be available soon on Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

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